Home Learning

At Kelston Intermediate our students will be using Google Classroom to receive their online home learning programmes. Students use their school Google account to access Google Classroom. Many students will be very familiar with Google Classroom as they already use it on a daily basis at school.

Home learning programmes during the COVID-19 lockdown officially start on Wednesday 15th April after the two week holiday break, but teachers will also be communicating via Google Classroom to their classes up until this time and may post activities for them to do during the break.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom can be accessed on all devices that can connect to the internet, however work that has been posted for students is best completed on a tablet, iPad, laptop, Chromebook or desktop computer rather than a mobile phone. On an iPad or tablet the Google Classroom app can be downloaded from the app store. For all devices the Chrome web browser is preferred for using Google apps.

Parents who have previously given the school their email address have been invited to receive Google Classroom email notifications. You can choose whether to get daily or weekly notifications about activities that have been posted for your child.


Students also have access to Mathletics. They should email their teacher if they don't have their login code at home.

Ministry of Education Website

The Ministry of Education has a website to support students and their whānau throughout this time away from school. It is being added to daily.


Students without Internet or Devices

The Ministry of Education is working to find ways to support students who don't have internet or device access at home and we will have more information about this over the next couple of weeks.