If you are enrolling during the year for an immediate start:

Step 1: Contact the school by:

• visiting the office or

• phoning 818 5544 or

• emailing office@kelstonint.school.nz

Step 2: Complete an Enrolment form

Step 3: Supply proof of birth date (eg. birth certificate or passport)

Step 4: Read and sign the school Cybersafety Agreement

Step 5: Meet with the principal (if required)

In your meeting with the principal you will finalise a start date and any issues surrounding the enrolment.

If you are enrolling during the year but not starting until the beginning of the next year:

Step 1: Collect an “Enrolment Pack” from:

• your child’s present school

• Kelston Intermediate School office

Step 2: Fill in the details on the Enrolment form and sign

Step 3: Read the Cybersafety Agreement notes and sign the agreement

Step 4: Attach a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport showing their date of birth.

Step 5: Hand in the above forms to your child’s present school or send/bring to Kelston Intermediate School office.

If you would like to have a visit around the school and discuss your child’s enrolment, please contact the school office and arrange for an interview.