COVID-19 Information


Tēnā koutou ngā whānau katoa o Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana,

Talofa, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Bula vinaka, Ni Hao, Asalam alaykom, Namaste and warm greeting to you all.

I hope you have been keeping well and are finding our slow transition back to our new normal a smooth one. We have a couple of important dates and organisational changes for the rest of this term that is important for us all to be aware off

1. Our distance on-line learning from home programme finished last Friday the 29th of May. We now have most of our students back at school and are unable to maintain this programme based on the pure workload required. We will still be using our devices etc... to maintain our on-line learning at school and will be undertaking significant school-wide Professional Learning to ensure we continue to develop our teaching and learning practices in this area.

2. Positive social distancing rules will still be promoted during this time whenever possible. Certain games etc... involving contact will not be played and systems around the cleaning of equipment will be implemented.

3. Our New Normal timetable will continue to be implemented, this timetable was sent home last week and just a reminder that our tuck-shop has also re-opened from today with specific hygiene practices in place.

4. ALSO whānau we will be participating in Staff Professional Learning every Friday between 1-3pm for the rest of this term. This means that school will finish early on a Friday at 12.30pm starting this week. While this is not ideal it is essential that we are able to participate in this Professional Learning programme to ensure we continue to evolve and develop our teaching and learning systems so that our students get the very best educational outcomes possible during their time with us.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!"

Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou


Tēnā koutou ngā whānau katoa o Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana.

Talofa!!!!, Kiaorana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Bula vinaka, Ni Hao, Asalam alaykom, Namaste and warm greeting to you all.

As week two back at school during Alert Level Two draws to its conclusion we now find ourselves in an exciting place of looking forward to what our “New Normal” at Kelston Intermediate will look like!!!!

There are some important changes that you all need to be aware that we have adopted as our future focus. These processes are based on best practice principles that will ensure we provide the very best social, academic and cultural outcomes for our students empowering them to be able to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities coming their way in the future.

Our “New Normal” timetable outlines how a week will look and run at our kura. The length of our learning blocks has changed, our break times are different and we have rescheduled our culture learning groups, TOPs and our Hui a Taumata to a Monday. We have restructured our Tech Timetable so that one class at a time has Tech uninterrupted for 90mins every week keeping a ratio of 1:10 in our Tech classes!!!!

Digital learning will take place daily as a part of our programme but does not mean that our tamariki will be sitting in front of a computer all day every day doing "work”. Devices will be used as teaching and learning tools to assist our students and teachers to enhance our learning programmes…..not replace them!!!

Before and after school procedures are still very tightly organised and will be our new normal practices in this area. This is explained within our timetable. We have specific entry and exit points, so we are able to better track visitors and “foot traffic” in and out of our school.

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding any “New Normal” processes that we have in place, please come and have a chat with us……. You are always welcomed at Kelston Intermediate….. Just sign in at the front office first and Wash Your Hands 😊.

Our tuck-shop will also be opened from next Tuesday during our first two breaks and will gradually run to full capacity over time.

Thank-you all for your continued support during this time of world firsts!!!! We have tried our very best to ensure we catered for our students as best we could and now look forward to better and brighter days ahead for our Kura, Community and our People…. Always proud to be a Kelstonian!!!

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!"

Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou

Phil Gordon

Please also note:

  • We will continue with digital-based learning at school, but online distance learning at home has now stopped.
  • We encourage our students to bring their own device to use while at school, so that they do not have to share. If it is their own device, please fill out the BYOD form and return it with your child, we can then set them up to use the school system while at school. If it is a Ministry of Education issued device, they do not need to fill in the form, but do need to bring it into school so we can connect it to the school system. Ministry of Education devices will be kept at school.
  • Year 8 immunisations will take place on Monday 22nd June. All year 8's need to return the form before then, even if you are not having immunisations done. If you do not have a form, we have some available at the office.
  • Class and individual photos will take place on Monday 29th June. Order forms will given out closer to the date.
  • End of term 2 - Friday 3rd July
  • Start of term 3 - Monday 20th July


Talofa lava me ngā mihi mahana kia koutou, Warm greetings to you all!

I hope that you have all been safe and well during the COVID-19 lockdown. Just a few things to mention:

  • There is no school on Monday 1st June as it is Queens Birthday.
  • Starting from Tuesday 2nd June, we will be welcoming all students back into school. Though our restrictions have loosened for level 2, we feel that getting things back to our new normal is key for our students' progress going forward.
  • All online learning will cease at the end of our school day this Friday, if your child was issued a device from the Ministry of Education, those devices need to be returned to school, so your child can continue using their own device for learning while at kura.
  • When we first moved to level 2, we had to alter our school timetable to be able to follow government guidelines specific to safe social distancing etc.... However, as of next week, we will be looking at fine tuning our school timetable again so we can have some of our normal programmes return such as Tech and Kiwican and include some of the positive new normal changes we have made recently.
  • The office is open for uniforms and enrolments, however we will still have a policy of only 2 people at a time in the office. All visitors are to report to the office, this includes whanau members that are dropping off lunch, shoes, homework etc.
  • Newsletters will start up going out as of Thursday 4th June.

We will be sending out another panui at the end of this week regarding the starting and end of our school day at what this will look like from next week.

There will be changes to how we function from day to day but we endeavour to keep you all well informed of what these are, if you ever have any questions or queries regarding the operation of our kura please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ngā mihi haneanea kia koutou, Fa’afetai lava

Phil Gordon.


Talofa Lava ngā whānau me ngā hapori katoa o Te Wao Nui o Tiriwa.

It is awesome to see some of our tamariki back and so actively engaged and supportive of their learning programmes this week. We have truly missed the face to face interaction with our students and we look forward to having all our students back over the next few weeks.

Please note that after Queens Birthday weekend and as we progress to Alert Level One, we will up date you regarding the availability of our on-line learning programmes and our New Normal Learning programmes and Kelston Intermediate.

Ministry of Education Provided Devices:

We are aware that Chromebooks have been delivered to some of our students this week from the Ministry of Education on behalf of the school. So that we can set these Chromebooks up on our network we are asking that students who have returned to school bring the Chromebook and charger back with them. The Chromebook will be set up for the student and they will have full use of it at school for the foreseeable future. Chromebooks will stay at school overnight/weekends to ensure they are charged and ready for the next day's learning.

Students who are currently learning from home will need to use their Chromebook to connect with their teacher via email and Google Meets and complete work assigned to them on Google Classroom every day. When they return to school the Chromebook will also need to be brought back to school. If a Chromebook has been received but you do not have an internet connection to be able to use it please let the school know.

Ngā mihi Maioha

Phil Gordon


What to expect at Kelston Intermediate under Level 2

What to expect at Kelston Intermediate level 2.mp4
  • Teacher only days - Thursday 14th & Friday 15th May
  • School will start on Monday 18th May, under level 2 conditions. Gates will only be open from 8:30am-9am in the mornings and 2:55pm-3:15pm in the afternoons.
  • Only staff and students will be allowed in the main gates, all visitors must press the intercom on the gate to speak with reception.
  • There will be no thoroughfare through the school. Our students are not to go through St Leonards Primary, even if they have siblings that go there, and vice versa. Students from Kelston Intermediate must enter and exit through our gates only, and St Leonards students can only enter and exit through their main gates.
  • Any late students or parents wanting to drop off lunch etc, must press the intercom at the front gate.
  • If your child will not be attending school next Monday, please email the school on, or call 8185544, to inform the school.


Talofa Lava ngā whānau me ngā hāpori katoa o Te Wao Nui o Tiriwa.

First of all I would like to thank and acknowledge you all for the awesome messages and offers of support we received about the video we posted yesterday of our break-in and the mindless vandalism of our classrooms over the weekend. We have received some very helpful information regarding this incident and will be including this all in our police report.

At 4pm today Whaea Jacinda will announce when, as a nation, we will be moving towards Alert level two. As this will have a significant impact on the educational landscape of our community we will be sending out information to you through-out this week regarding the possible re-opening of our school under alert level two, what this will look like at Kelston Intermediate regarding health and safety management and the continuation of our on-line and distance learning programmes if required.

So while we have a bit to organise and communicate to you this week we do need to wait until we know for sure the outcome of the Prime Ministers announcement today. To that point this is just a brief notice to you all to let you know it is really important that you keep a look our for all our communications through emails, our facebook page, our website and our School Loop app regarding updates about our students returning to school, hopefully as soon as next week.

Ngā mihi Maioha

Phil Gordon


Tēnā koutou ngā whānau katoa o Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana.

Talofa, Kiaorana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Bula vinaka, Ni Hao, Asalam alaykom, Namaste and warm greetings to you all.

I hope you are all well and managing to stay safe maintaining your "bubble" during these times of restriction and social distancing.

As we move closer to progressing towards level two we are starting to consider the practical implications for students to return to school in a safe positive manner while trying to ensure the rules and restrictions around level two are maintained.

To this point we will endeavor to ensure we communicate clearly the processes and criteria around....

  • Students return to school,
  • The continuation of on-line learning where necessary
  • The following stages we will follow to have students and staff back to school as normal in a full time capacity as we move to level one then eventually back to our "New Normal"

At this stage we are still implementing our on-line learning programmes, we have also delivered over 120 learning packs to some of our students, which were made up and delivered by our staff, thanks to the hard work of Mrs Schwenke, Mrs Laing and our delivery personnel.

Please remember whānau that we are only excepting students back to school during level three if whānau are essential workers and have no-one to care for them during the day. We have a limited work bubble within our school at the moment and we want to ensure we put as few people at risk as possible during this time.

Students will not be accepted to school unless we have received an email at from caregivers/parents explaining the need for their child to return to school during level three, we have asked in previous written updates and through videos for this to happen, only when you have received an email back from us confirming your child can attend are they are able to come back to school. Our School hours are 8.45am-3pm. Our gates will not be open before 8.45am and locked at 3.10pm because of the restrictions we have for staff to be on site during the day.

Finally please see our Kelston Intermediate COVID 19 response plan for the various alert levels that we may transition through. This is a discussion document for us at the moment with the intent of it becoming our official management plan for this pandemic before we move to level two.

I thank-you all for your support and commitment to ensuring our tamariki are safe and well during this time. I think it would be fair to say that we are all feeling the "pinch" around our continued isolation..... but if we stay focused on what we need to do as a community/country we will achieve what very few other nations have....A COVID 19 free environment.

Ngā mihi maioha koutou me kia haumaru, kia noho.

Phil Gordon

FAASILASILAGA TA'UA mai le Susuga I le Alii Pule ma le Pulega

Ua laga se leo, fa'ia foi se faamatalaga, ona o tulaga ogagoa o loo I ai pea le lalolagi, ona o le faama'i mata'utia e pei ona silafia, ua manatu ai e tuuina atu ai lenei faasilasila ta'ua mai le pulega o la tatou Aoga.E muamua ona momoli pea lapalapa o malo I le Atua silisiliese I Lana pule faasoa, ua maua ai pea le soifua lelei ma le ola maloloina, ua mafai ai ona faatinoina o tatou tiute ma faiva I lenei vaitau faigata o la tatou folauga.

A'o aga'iga'i malie atu lo tatou atunuu I lona LAASAGA LONA LUA(LEVEL TWO) o le puipuiga o lenei faama'i, ma ua tatou tulalata atu ai ise taimi e toe faaauauina ai polokalame, aua fanau I totonu o le tatou aoga, o lea ua faatulagaina ai ni TA'IALA MO LE PUIPUIGA O LO LATOU SAOGALEMU I LENEI TAIMI, INA IA AUA LAVA NE'I AAFIA LO LATOU SOIFUA MU'AMU'A MAI AAFIAGA MATA'UTIA O LE COVID-19, pe afai o le a toe aumaia mo le faaauaina lava o fuafuaga masani a le Aoga, e pei o masani ai:

O nisi nei o fuafuaga o lea ua faatulagaina I lenei taimi, aua lo latou ola a'oa'oina, ina ia aua lava nei liaina I ala le ola taumafai I lenei tausaga:

1. O se Taimi faatulagaina e toe aumaia ai I totonu o le Aoga

2. Polokalame e faaaogaina ai Fesootaiga Faatekonolosi

3. Polokalame fuafuaina mo le toe faatinoina atoatoa o le Polokalame I totonu o le Aoga

A'o iai la I le tulaga o I ai nei, o lea ua saunia ai ni polokalame I luga o le Initaneti, faatasi ai ma le tufaina atu o le 120 tusi aoga mo nisi o fanau ua saunia ma tapenaina e nisi o Faiaoga. E faafetaia ai le auaunaga a nisi o tamaitai, e pei o Mrs Schwenke, Mrs Laing, aemaise I latou ua galulue faatasi mo lenei galuega ta'ua. Ia manatua foi, e na o fanau lava ua leai lava se tasi e vaaia I le aiga, o le a mafai ona tuuina mai, a'o tatou I ai pea I le LAASAGA LONA TOLU(LEVEL THREE)

E faamalulu atu foi, e le o gafatia I lenei taimi e la tatou aoga ni vaega se tele mo le puipuiga o le fanau mai aafiaga o le faama'i, o le ala lea, e le mafai ai ona maua uma ni avanoa e aumaia ma tuuina mai ai I le faleaoga I lenei taimi.

O le a le mafai foi ona taliaina le tuuina mai o lou alo I le aoga, seivagana ua tauaaoina se tusi aloa'ia, poo se imeli e lafoina mai I le Ofisa, I le tuatusi,,

mai le caregiver poo matua, e faamatala auiliili mai ai ose mafuaaga tatau e manaomia ai le aumaia o lou alo I le aoga I lenei taimi o le LEVEL THREE.

O le a tali atu foi le pulega I se tusi po o se imeli, e faailoa atu ai nisi o mafuaaga e mafai ai ona teena se talosaga faapea, pe afai e tatau ai.

O taimi faatulagaina o le Aoga ua I ai nei : 8:45AM – 3PM. E le mafai ona tatalaina le faitotoa I se taimi oi luma atu o le 8:45AM, ma o le lokaina foi I le 3:10PM, aua lava puipuiga o fanau, aemaise o le Aufaigaluega.

E I ai le faamoemoe, o le a tatou fesoota'i pea I taualumaga uma, aua lava le puipuiga o le COVID-19 mo la tatou Aoga, ina ia saogalemu I tatou uma faapea foi nai a tatou fanau

Momoli atu foi le faamalo ma le faafetai I la outou lagolago mai I sa matou auaunaga faatauvaa, aua se manuia o tatou fanau, faapea foi aiga ma lo tatou Atunuu atoa. E ui lava ua tatou tau fai lagonaina uma lava le tulaga faigata ua I ai nei, ae afai tatou te tutu faatasi ma galulue faatasi, o le a le pine ona tatou taunuu atu lea I se isi tulaga manuia, mo le folauga ua I ai I lenei tausaga.

Faamanuia tele le Atua ia te outou uma, o matua ma aiga, aemaise nai a tatou alo ma fanau


Phil Gordon

KIS COVID Safety Plan for each alert Level.pdf



Tēnā koutou ngā whānau katoa o Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana.

Talofa, Kiaorana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Bula vinaka, Ni Hao, Asalam alaykom, Namaste and warm greetings to you all.

COVID 19 Update: Functioning at level three:

I would like to acknowledge all our whānau and community for your overwhelming support ensuring we keep our tamariki and families safe by keeping our students home during level 3. We only have two students that need to come to school on certain days during this time, who we will look after and take care of, meaning that we will continue to have all teaching staff working from home carrying on our on-line distance learning programmes as they are currently doing.

We have Mrs Laing, Mrs Martin, Mrs Schwenke and I rostered on-site at school during this time to supervise our tamariki that need to be here and this week we will be making up home learning packs to be distributed this week.

SO we will have home-learning packs available to be picked up from our front gate tomorrow between 10am and 12pm. The packs will have everything needed to be able to complete the mahi (work) provided in them. We will also be delivering packs to homes where required as well.

Any queries regarding our learning packs you can email Mrs Kiri Laing: or phone/Text her on 021 087 04498.

We will continue to update you weekly whānau and look forward to progressing towards level one and having our tamariki back on-site with us.

NB/ Check out my latest video post and keep an eye out for two of our student’s home videos articulating what a day in their life looks like during this time of home learning. (They are cool!!)

Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou

Phil Gordon




Tēnā koutou ngā whānau katoa o Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana.

Talofa, Kiaorana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Bula vinaka, Ni Hao, Asalam alaykom, Namaste and warm greetings to you all.

COVID 19 Update: Moving from Level Three to Level Four:

Next week see’s us move from Level Four to a Level Three alert status for COVID 19. As Of mid-night, Monday 27th of May we move into an adjusted set of criteria in managing the spread of COVID 19 at a national and local level.

What does this mean for our students and wh of Kelston Intermediate?

Please remember whānau the criteria for sending your child/children to school is very tight! We are expecting a minimal number of students returning to us next Thursday the 30th of April when we re-open in a limited capacity during this Alert level. Our on-line/distance learning programmes will be operating as normal with minimal disruption to these programmes next Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th of April, when we have our Teacher Only Days to prepare and fully debrief ourselves around the practicalities of managing our school during this time.

Students are eligible to return to school on the 30th of April if:

· There is no adult supervision for them at home as there is a need for that adult or those adults to return to work.

AND that is it whānau. This is not a time for risk taking, it is a time to remain at home and safe from the spread of this virus. For what it is worth I would not personally be sending my own children to school at this time if they were still of school age

Students should not return to school if:

· You have a household where there are elderly family members living with you and are in your bubble, students need to remain at home to ensure their safety as they are more susceptible to catching this virus.

· Any of your family members have been sick recently.

· Tamariki have an existing medical condition or are on daily medication.

· You can ensure they can remain at home.

From today, if needed, you can register your child to return to school next Thursday by emailing and provide the following information:

Students Name: first and last name

Class Name:

Reason for having to return to school:

Students can not attend school unless they have been registered through this process, if registered, attendance is expected daily and will be followed up on (for obvious safety reasons).

If your child is to remain safe at home, you don’t need to do anything different from what you are currently doing.

Of course, we want our tamariki back at school as soon as possible but the managing of social distancing for tamariki and staff at the same time, staff worrying about their whānau as well, the intense hygiene routines that need to be adhered to make going to school look extremely different at this time. Please note that learning programmes will remain the same for all students in an on-line based approach whether they need to be at school or remain learning from home.

Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou

Phil Gordon




Tēnā koutou ngā whānau katoa o Te Kura Takawaenga o Kerehana.

Talofa, Kiaorana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Bula vinaka, Ni Hao, Asalam alaykom, Namaste and warm greeting to you all.

I hope the beginning of week two term two finds you all well and coping with the various day to day challenges of our Level four lock-down status. As previously mentioned last week, on-line learning for Kelston Intermediate took on new meaning and purpose for us as a kura and community. We have learnt a lot already about how to better use this technology and navigate the on-line learning, distance learning space, while ensuring there is effective connections between our kaiako and students.

We learn more today about the next steps for our country regarding the management of COVID 19, whether we move from level four to level three alert status and what it then means for businesses and the ability for groups of people to return to work. A huge consideration for us if we are to move to level three will be managing the practicalities of some students being able to return to school whose whānau need to be able to work and can not safely keep their child/children at home in a properly supervised situation.

We will be actively planning for the successful return of our tamariki to school from this week, and once we have a clear understanding from our Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education of what this will look like for our schools. We will actively update you all on the progress and the anticipated time-frames around when school will re-open, in what capacity we will re-open and what students will be able to attend school at this time (as we will only have limited capacity because of the social distancing requirements of level three).

In all honesty whānau we can't wait to get back to school! We know that a lot of us are finding these times extremely challenging and stressful, we are really worried about our students that have no internet or devices at home, we have students and whānau that we have not been able to reach or communicate with as yet and that concerns us a great deal as we are extremely limited in the type of support we can offer those tamariki and whānau at this time.

In saying that we also have been impressed by the large number of our students that are participating and actively contributing to their class learning programmes and taking on the extra challenges that Mrs Martin puts out there every week. These are new pathways for us all, what we learn at this time will set the precedence for what our new normal's will be, not only for us as a society but for the way we can connect through different educational pathways into the future.

I hope your week goes well, I will be posting a video later on this evening to update you all on our actions moving forward as a result of the PM's address at 4pm today. I look forward to meeting with our Student Leader group today and will have a couple of tasks set for them. During times like these leadership takes on new and many different forms, we will be discussing this today and exploring how we can make valid contributions to our families and school during times of adversity.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!"

Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou

Phil Gordon


Kiaora Ano Whānau

Kia hora te marino, kia whakapapa pounamu te moana, kia tere te kārohirohi i mua i tō huarahi.


As we head into term two through distance learning and in an on-line capacity we would like to share with you some information regarding how learning will look at this time and what is expected of our tamariki regarding their mahi and work towards their next Taumata.

Firstly we would like to thank-you all for having us in your home at this time and we appreciate your support and look forward to working together with you.

Please ensure you contact us if you require any type of support or assistance at this time, your child’s teacher is the first point of call, and if needed they can direct you to other forms of support if required.

Our Distance Learning Checklist is a guide to what to do on a daily basis.....

I will also be posting a short video later this afternoon regarding the type of learning activities we will be working through. We are not setting busy work whānau, we have worked to develop engaging, culturally, socially and academically valid tasks and activities that are specific to who we are culturally and as Kelstonians.

We have also completed a whole school database and are working with the Ministry of Education to get devices into homes where our tamariki have no access to a computer etc... or wifi connectivity. This is a major work-on area for us as moving forward, we want all our tamariki having devices for distance learning if required..... an area of urgent action for us as a kura.

Keep an eye out for future posts and videos, we are heading into a historical time in education and we will all be learning what works best for us as a collective community to ensure we have the best possible outcomes for our students and you, our whānau.

Kia haumaru

Kia noho ki koutou kainga

Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Gordon



Kia ora Koutou

Dear Parents/Caregivers›

As we head into our Easter Holiday break and second week of our school holidays (which sort of seems a bit unusual at this time) we look forward to officially starting term two next Wednesday the 15th of April through distance learning in an on-line space.

• We will be updating you regularly in regard to what you can expect from us regarding our on-line learning programmes.

• We will be communicating with our whanau and community on a regular basis through:

 Kaiako using our on-line learning platforms, Google classroom and Google Meet,

 Facebook Posts,

 Our School Loop app

 Our website

The following information was received by schools today regarding the anticipated systems and infrastructure to be developed during this time to try and ensure all tamariki can be engaged and catered for in this current environment.

Detailed package of supports for schools and kura

This afternoon, the Minister announced details of the package of supports and resources for supporting state and state integrated schools and kura to deliver learning at a distance when Term 2 begins on 15 April. You can see the Minister’s press release and Q&As on the Beehive website.

It’s important to state up front that the Government is still working to a timeframe of a four-week lockdown, lifting on 22 April, but we’re planning for every scenario so that we have a resilient system and are taking this opportunity to invest in closing the digital divide.

That means, in education, developing robust distance learning infrastructure so that learners and ākonga don’t miss out in any scenario, such as alert levels moving up and down or schools, kura and ECEs or kōhanga and puna reo having to stay closed for longer.

This week we have begun the dispatch of devices and hard copy resources. The first devices and modems are being dispatched this week, and the first tranche of hard copy deliveries will make their way to homes on Thursday and will continue on Tuesday next week.

NB: If you have been identified as not having a device or the ability to engage in on-line learning at home you will be eligible to receive this support and resources from the Ministry.

Before we went into lock down we surveyed our student body regarding their ability to work in an on-line space from home, we looked at this information again earlier this week and passed on information to the Ministry to ensure we can assist with whanau who have no devices or internet access at home.

Starting this week, the Ministry is rolling out an extensive, four-channel package to provide at least one distance-learning option for all families by 15 April.

The Ministry are also looking to support nga kura katoa in the following ways….

• increasing the number of students and ākonga who have access to connectivity and devices by an estimated 2000 this week (limited by the number of modems available)

• supporting where they can with hard copy materials for different year levels

• a range of NCEA subject-specific hard-copy resources for delivery to years 11-13 students and ākonga

• more online resources for schools and kura, parents, ākonga and whānau available through the Learning from Home and Ki te Ao Mārama websites

• PLD to support teachers and kaiako, tumuaki and leaders to work remotely with their students, ākonga and whānau

• TV channels in English and te reo Māori offering learning programmes for learners from early learning to year 10

• Extending access to the Virtual Learning Network.

We are also fast-tracking ways to connect Learning Support Coordinators with families and whānau remotely.

NB/ Please note whanau you are NOT expected to replace your child’s teacher. Our staff are experts in the practice of teaching and learning, and the supports articulated in this panui are intended to supplement and enable the learning programmes we are delivering to our tamariki, students and ākonga.

Home learning television

(From The Ministry of Education via our Minister of Education: Chris Hipkins)

We want to ensure that every learner and ākonga has at least one channel for accessing educational content from 15 April – either through this package or through their school or kura.

So, we have been working with teachers and leaders, alongside staff from ERO and Te Kura to develop Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV, on TVNZ, which will run from 9am to 3pm on school days on TVNZ2+1 and Sky channel 502. Some lessons will also be available on TVNZ On Demand.

There will be content for parents and whānau with preschool children and tamariki, and lessons for those aged 5 to 15 years of age will cover a broad curriculum that includes movement, music, physical education, wellbeing, numeracy, literacy and science through an integrated approach to curriculum. There’s already a lot of good education video content available, and the Ministry will be working with experts and educators to refine and further develop it.

Thank you to those of you who have agreed to release your teachers and kaiako to deliver these lessons – we know that for most of them live television will be unlike anything they have done before, and we’re very grateful for their willingness to be part of this initiative to broadcast learning into the homes of children and young people across the country.

We have also been working with Māori Television to make distance learning accessible for all ākonga and whānau. The programmes on Māori Television are for reo Māori learners of all ages, with a focus on those who are aged 0-18, covering ākonga in kōhungahunga (early learning), kura tuatahi (primary) and wharekura (secondary).

Programming will be tailored to specific age groups of reo Māori learners throughout the day from 9am to 3pm. It will be aligned to Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and contain age appropriate content that tamariki can do on their own, with their siblings or together as a whānau. Content will focus on building skills in speaking te reo Māori and ensure that te reo Māori is being spoken and heard in the home.

We will be putting information about the programme scheduling on the Learning from Home website early next week this will help teachers be able to connect with learners who are accessing these programmes.

Hard packs

We have had a lot of requests for learning material hard packs for learners and there are limits on what we can provide immediately. The first tranche of deliveries will make their way to homes on Thursday and will continue on Tuesday next week. You will receive a confirmation email of who has been sent a pack. Content of the packs is on the Learning from Home Website, this is to help teachers interact with students with their learning activities.

Access to devices and connectivity

In our email to schools and kura last week, we indicated how we will prioritise the rollout of devices and hard copy materials. We will reach students and ākonga and households in waves, with an initial focus on connecting students and ākonga in senior secondary school working towards NCEA – to minimise disruption for those working towards a qualification – and on those with greatest need due to disadvantage. The first devices and modems are being dispatched this week.

Where we are unable to immediately connect a household with the internet or get a device to a student, we will be working with schools and kura to provide hard-copy learning materials direct to homes where possible. The first of these will leave the warehouse this week.

Extending access to the Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC)

We are funding more places for students to receive direct teaching from experienced e-teachers though the VLNC during term 2.

This means that students, and especially those from rural, remote or small schools can take part in classes or programmes that their own schools are not able to offer.

The Learning from Home website will provide links to enable schools to enrol students in either primary or secondary provision.

The VLNC will also offer support to teachers who are setting up their own online learning classes.

Stay safe whanau

Please keep a look out for our regular updates and help pass on the message to our whanau, through a non-physical way, that may not have access to the internet etc….

Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Gordon


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