Our Taumata is designed to...

Empower our students to strive for excellence while celebrating their accomplishments and success within a cultural, social and academic journey.

Empower our students so that they critically analyse their lives and transform their futures through Social Justice contexts relevant to their circumstances and situations

Enhance social, cultural and academic excellence in every student, providing opportunities that allow for critical thinking, working collaboratively within a school and community contexts while developing positively empowered global citizens.

Culturally Inclusive

Culturally at Kelston Intermediate School we acknowledge, encourage and embrace diversity and uniqueness, creating opportunities that enable us to celebrate difference while being secure in our own cultural identity. We acknowledge and embrace our student’s diversity and celebrate difference in all our experiences.

Socially Challenging

Socially at Kelston Intermediate School we encourage and value connections. Our community values positive relationships and confidence to navigate change in our society promoting active participation that influences global connections. Our students are able to manoeuvre through life in different social situations and weave together the best values, principles and morals of their communities.

Academically Rigorous

Academically at Kelston Intermediate School we embrace the experiences of our students and acknowledge their own world views. We develop goals that are inclusive of both school, home and community values to make our students confident lifelong learners. We are committed to a pedagogy that ensures progress whilst upholding the mana of our tamariki collaboratively.

Our students critically question and analyse the world they live in and contribute in positive ways towards their community. They aspire to be positive lifelong learners.