Principal's Message

Our vision for our tamariki and school community is to “design academically, socially and culturally empowered students through effective and pedagogically relevant educational experiences creating a respectful, responsible and engaged learning community.” In order to prepare teachers, students and the wider community to create this atmosphere we endeavour to:

Be academically rigorous by -

Using a child’s own world view and opening the door to other opportunities that may widen their perspective. Alongside students we develop progressive goals that are challenging and inclusive of school, home and community values while still keeping in mind that a child arrives with their own whanau values intact, we work together to keep the mana of a child at the centre of all learning. Our tamariki critically question and analyse the world they live in and contribute in positive ways towards their community, while being guided by our school taumata system, the school taumata system allows students to aspire to be positive life-long learners.

Being culturally inclusive by

Acknowledging, encouraging and embracing diversity and uniqueness. We understand that every whanau arrives with a cultural background and within that whanau values, we celebrate difference and tautoko the culture and heritage a whanau brings into our school while still being secure in our own cultural identity. Kelston Intermediate School creates a variety of opportunities for students to understand other cultures and learn about how culture is a strength within all of us.

Being socially challenging by

Encouraging and valuing connections. Positive relationships give students opportunities to demonstrate the transfer of skills and knowledge into new contexts, current events and social issues that exist are the responsibility of all our community and social interaction for change is a positive way our students can challenge the status quo. Creating questions, interviewing professionals, investigating possibilities and generating viable solutions lead to future proofing our community. Our tamariki are the future problem solvers to their world so Kelston Intermediate promotes future focused learning that directly relates back to our local, regional and wider community.

Kelston Intermediate School is a place where we challenge our students to be global citizens with local causes, where they are the problem solvers in their world, and where they create change for their own wellbeing. We look forward to working alongside your child for a better future.

We have a dedicated staff who display genuine care and have aspirational belief in our students…..


Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou,

Bert Iosia