School Lunches - Ka Ora, Ka Ako

Our school, along with several other Kelston schools, have been selected to participate in Ka Ora, Ka Ako: healthy school lunches programme. This means that each student at our school will have lunch provided every day. This is free for our families as the cost will be covered by the Ministry of Education.

Our lunches will be supplied by ‘Eat My Lunch’ who will provide a variety of delicious foods that cater for a range of dietary needs. They are really excited to join the programme and provide lunches for students at our school. Providing a regular nutritious lunch can make a big difference to students’ learning and participation at school.

The lunches will cater for the diet, health, and cultural needs of all students, and they will be healthy and nutritious. Here is a sample menu:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does every student get lunch?

Yes! That means that once the programme gets underway, you won’t need to provide lunch for your child. The menu is changed regularly, so that the students get to try loads of different foods and options. Ensuring that all students get lunch means that no students are singled out or made to feel different.

Do I have to pay?

No! The meals are all paid for by the Ministry of Education.

Are the meals hot or cold?

Initially all meals will be cold. As we get our systems up and running, there may be an option to have hot meals later on in the year.

What happens if the students go on class trips?

‘Eat My Lunch’ can provide a ‘packed lunch’ for days we go on trips.

My child eats Halal (or has an allergy, or is vegetarian), do they cater for this?

Yes! There are a range of different options to make sure that students eat according to their dietary needs. All students have been provided with forms to record their dietary requirements.

Do I still have to provide morning tea?

‘Eat My Lunch’ only provides lunch, so you can still send along a snack to eat for morning tea. The tuck shop will still be open but will only be operating for the first morning break. The students will also need to bring their own water bottles, as per usual.

What happens to the packaging of the lunches?

All the packaging is fully compostable. ‘Eat My Lunch’ will collect all packaging and commercially compost it.

Further information will be provided as it is received by the school.