Turbo Touch

A game that was held in the indoor centre of Te Pai courts. Kelston Intermediate took 3 teams to the venue. It was new for a lot of whanau who never knew the game and were astonished to see how fast it was. At the end of the day our girls, boys and mixed team were placed third. A great result.


Mr Bloomfield, who is new to our school but a veteran on the cricket pitch, took a team of boys to represent Kelston in the Western Zone cricket. These players had never played club cricket and were eager to give it a go. They made the semis and lost by a few runs.


An experience for our students who attended the Western Zone orienteering held at Western Springs. Kelston Intermediate took four teams. They soon learnt how important our year 7 boys were placed in the top 5.


A boys and girls team attended the Auckland champs for ARL tag. They had missed the Western Zone due to lack of numbers. This was an experience playing the best in Auckland. Both teams did really well with our boys in top 4 and our girls placing third.


Kelston Intermediate took a small team to Westwave, Henderson for the Western Zone swimming. We had a couple of students make the semis which was successful going up against club swimmers. Congratulations to Destiny who was placed third in the Year 8 50m backstroke.


Kelston Intermediate had their first Western Zone tournament, entering two Year 8 teams.

Due to covid, we were not able to play our Year 7 teams.

Matua Jasiah, a former New Zealand softball player, coached all teams.

Our girls missed out on the semi finals and our Year 8 boys were placed second in the Western Zone.


Western Zone Swimming

It was a splashing time for our swimming team who had the best results in years.

We took six athletes to the competition.

Prior to this event, we trialed our swimmers and chose athletes who could keep up with the racing times from 2019.

Our swimmers were all placed top 3 in their heats but it resulted in the fastest times for the finals.

We were placed third in the girl's freestyle and open medley race.

A massive congratulations to Skye Dennis - Wesche who competed in all of her finals

and was placed third in breaststroke and first in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

Well done Kelston!!!!


Western Zone Softball

Western Zone softball was recently held at Brains Park.

Our students played after a few weeks of training.

Our year 8 boys lost in the semi finals while our year 8 girls, year 7 boys and girl's teams were all placed third in their competition.

Huge thanks to our American softball players, Mrs Gayford, Whaea Sharon, Mrs Teariki, Miss Luafalealo and Mrs Martin for supporting these teams.

Western Zone softball 2020.mp4

Western Zone Tennis


Congratulations to Cikky Wang who won the Western Zone tennis.

The last time this competition was held was almost ten years ago.

Thank you to coach Kemo who assisted on the day.

Let's Go Surfing

Students had a splashing time at Muriwai beach. This was a chance for them to experience surfing and learn about the ocean. For many of them it was their first time and an experience they won't forget.

Kelston Intermediate have been surfing three years in a row and continue to be part of this initiative as these skills are beneficial for the future.

Muriwai surf trip 2020.mp4