Samoan Bilingual Classes

A e fia mua ona alo na’o oe lou va’a, ae a fia taumamao se taunuuga ona tatou aloalo fa’atasi lea!

If you want to be first then battle on your own but you want to prolong the journey then let us battle together.

The History of Ulimasao Class at KIS

The first Samoan Bilingual class at Kelston Intermediate School was established in 2016 together with the Maori Bilingual class. In 2021 a second Samoan Bilingual class was opened.

Our vision:

The Samoan Bilingual Class is to foster students’ ability and readiness to set own learning goals and to plan, monitor and evaluate their own progress through a Samoan learning context. Also to identify the factors of academic, culture and social success of Samoan people.

Learners of gagana Samoa are committed to:

  • Develop an understanding of gagana Samoa ma le aganu’u fa’a-Samoa (Samoan language and Samoan culture) within Ulimasao Bilingual class, KIS and New Zealand.

  • Develop an understanding of the functions, structures and conventions of gagana Samoa ma le aganu’u fa’a- Samoa (Samoan language and Samoan culture) in different contexts and situations;

  • Respond personally to, and think critically about, a range of texts in gagana Samoa;

  • Use their knowledge of gagana Samoa ma le aganu’u fa’a-Samoa to process information and communicate through role-play, singing, dancing, art, weaving, etc;

  • Acquire skills that may be extended to other curriculum areas;

  • Develop a sense of identity within, or in relation to, the Samoan heritage.