Tongan Bilingual Class

Ala ‘i sia, ala ‘i kolonga

Skilful at sia, skilful at kolonga

In a modern context this proverb honours those who are adaptable in various environments, new places or situations

Histolia- The history of Fakatoukatea

The Tongan Bilingual Unit was first establish in 2019 with the name Fakatoukatea. The figurative translation of Fakatoukatea is to “be good or skilful in two opposite ways or direction” (Churchward, 1959).

Within the Tongan Bilingual Unit, ‘Fakatoukatea’ signifies the two main languages used, Lea faka Tonga and English. The image of a katea (outrigger canoe) signifies the balance between both cultures. The kafa (rope) used to hold the canoe together represents communication, if the communication is weak than the whole structure becomes weak.

Visone- Our Vision

Is to inspire our Tongan students to learn within a context where they will be able to embrace, share and implement their anga-fakatonga. Students will grow to be secure in their Tongan identity, language and culture.

Ngaahi Taumua- We are committed to:

● Develop an understanding of the Tongan language and of anga fakatonga

● Develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills in Tongan for

a range of purposes

● Experience the text and visual symbols of the Tongan culture

● Discover ways to be creative and expressive in Tongan

Tu’unga ulunga’anga mahuinga – Values:

The values practiced within Fakatoukatea are the values implemented at Kelston Intermediate, ‘Faka’ apa’ - ‘Respect , ‘Fatongia’ - Responsibility and ‘Ngaue Faka’ anga taha’ - Engagement, however, we also practice the core Tongan values that are performed within every Tongan home.

● Ofa - Love

● Faka’apa’apa- Mutual Respect

● Feveitokai’aki- sharing, cooperating and fulfilling of mutual obligations

● Lototoo- humility and generosity

● Tauhi Vaha’a - Loyalty and commitment